5 Impactful Trends Ruling the Kingdom of Digital Marketing

As digital marketing is becoming important day by day, so is the role of search engine optimization. SEO is essential for every nature of online business, it keeps your blog posts, guest articles and other content components in place. When you don’t pay heed to the rules set by Google, prepare to see your rankings plummeted. The companies having a knack for staying up to date with the latest algorithms and best practices always ensure that their content is visible. Not sure what these trends are? The best SEO blog got you covered.

  1. Video engagement

Nowadays, the user engagement with the video has been trending at the pinnacle. Faster internet speeds, smartphones and user friendly social media render video content very famous. Search engines have embraced this trend in the user behavior and bestow the companies with endless benefits who pay heed to existing user preferences.

  1. Voice search

Voice search services like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant suggest many recommendations on the basis of organic search results. Keyword optimization as conversational phrases ensure success a long term success.

  1. More focus on structured snippets

The numero uno priority for Google is to solve the queries of the searchers by providing them relevant information as fast as possible in the form of search engine rankings. Now, Google delivers plethora of information inside the SERPs directly along with custom widgets and Structured Snippets. If your content is top ranked for high volume search terms, you can deliver that information to the searcher without them even visiting your website.

  1. Getting rid of non credible news articles

Because of media criticisms, many companies have begun filtering the non-credible content like fake news. Scammers have a knack for playing the system and masking themselves as credible. The search engine bigshots have scrutinized this further to keep these mistakes at bay. Just writing a high quality content is not enough. There must be credible sources present to support it.

  1. Social media searches

People use social media on a minute to minute basis as search engines and while the latter is still the king, they are now being deemed as secondary preference. As this trend becomes famous day by day, content will be needed on optimized for social media platforms like it was always done for search engine giants so as to make the most of the benefits provided by organic and paid targeting.